Build-Your-Own Skat Blast Cabinet Kit - Trigger-Operating System - #6525-TG

Skat Blast Build-Your-Own Trigger-Operated Cabinet Kit contains parts needed for the cabinet's operating system, plus well-illustrated Cabinet Plans to build a 34" wide x 24" deep cabinet with only two sheets of plywood. For a larger cabinet, simply increase the dimensions and build to any size. Additional items required, such as gloves, lens, light, hinge, trap door, etc - all available on our web site. You supply the plywood. We can supply the rest!


  • S-35 Power Gun - Often mistaken for a pressure blaster when using some of the high-tech abrasives. Bottom of gun has 1/4" female pipe threads for quick connection to 7 ft air hose (included) and 5/8" OD inlet at bottom of siphon head for connection to pickup hose (also included). Includes 1 medium steel nozzle and air jet installed in gun, and 2 extra medium steel nozzles for use with 10-15 cfm air (3 HP minimum - 5 HP is better).
  • Siphon Hose is made of clear vinyl so you can see the abrasive flow as it is pulled from funnel of cabinet. Hose is 5/8" inside diameter by 36" long, reaches most areas of the cabinet and can be cut to size.
  • Skat Blast Pickup Tube is 27" overall length with mounting hardware. Double-tube design provides a smooth, even flow of abrasive to the power gun. 5/8" OD x 18 gauge.
  • 7 Ft Air Hose - High-volume, 3/8" inside diameter. Has 1/4" male brass pipe threads on each end to connect to bottom of power gun and to your incoming air supply of 10-15 cfm.
  • Low Air Supply Nozzle Kit includes 3 small steel nozzles, one small air jet, and air jet gasket. This kit enables you to blast with low air consumption (4-8 cfm). Note: it is necessary to change both nozzle and air jet (both must match when siphon blasting.)
  • Build Your Own Cabinet Plans - Well-illustrated plans explain how to build a 34" wide x 24" deep cabinet with only two sheets of plywood (plus parts available through our catalog or locally). Adjust dimensions to build a cabinet to fit your needs.

Made in USA.



Made in USA in Canfield, Ohio