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When we first moved into our Canfield, Ohio plant, we installed all of our air lines with metal piping, being sure that the pipe size was correct for our needs, and correctly designed so that moisture in the air lines could be easily removed with water separators and drain valves.  This is a necessity when operating any type of abrasive blasting equipment, plasma burning equipment or simple air tools. To see a very detailed piping diagram and other information on airline accessories, parts and fittings, please see:


One of our customers (Mr. EZ of Ringgold, Georgia) used the above piping diagram and airline accessories to install a neat airline piping system in his shop.  Shown below are three pictures of his shop. Take a careful look of how the piping was installed with "risers" to keep the moisture within the metal pipes until it can be removed with our water separators and drain valves.  EZ even has a neon "Open Sign" to welcome visitors.

Center picture shows the best way to install such piping.  The main air line from your compressor runs horizontially across the walls of your shop.  At each airline hookup station, the pipe drops down towards the floor with a drain valve to blow water out of the piping as shown. You can place a bucket under this pipe to catch the water when valve is opened.  Just above this drain valve is a short length of pipe stubbing out horizontially and then an elbow facing up and another elbow facing to left.  This section of piping is called the "riser" and is very important, as we are using gravity to keep the moisture within the piping below this area, so that most moisture can be removed when opening the drain valve (suggest daily). 

Air is then directed into a moisture separator and then to an airline regulator, whch is used to regulate the air pressure from your main line to whatever pressure is to be used for your particular application. For most abrasive blasting in a Skat Blast Cabinet, we recommend 80 to 85 psi, as higher pressures will pulverize the abrasive on impact, eventually turning the abrasive into a powder form, which will not blast effectively, and will  also create much dust within the cabinet, resulting in  poor visibility.  Looking at the above setup, see that EZ installed two moisture separators.  Not a bad idea, although we would recommend that the second separator be a Coalescing Filter, which is the best choice for a final airline filter.

*Note: There are exceptions to the above suggestion as to pressure.  If using "First Choice" or other lower cost abrasives and are blasting very rusty objects such as wheels or some heavy steel automotive components, you may want to increase your pressure above the recommended 85 psi.  It will cut faster, but the abrasive will break down  quickly, resulting in the necessity of changing your abrasive more frequently. Blasting with worn out abrasive is never satisfactory, as results and visibility will be poor.

Abrasives should be change on a regular basis and we offer many choices for various projects that you might need.  See other section of this web site by clicking "Abrasives" at Home Page.

WARNING:  Do not use Silica Sand for abrasive blasting, even within a closed cabinet. Sand is a severe health hazard, as operator is always exposed to dust when loading and unloading cabinet. Also sand breaks down quickly on impact & turns to dust quickly, so visibility is poor.

WARNING: Do not install any airline piping with PVC or plastic piping. Even though it may be rated at high pressure, it is unsafe and is banned in many states.  Reason: should the PVC piping get damaged on impact for any reason, it will shatter and "explode", sending pieces of plastic in the form of shrapnel in all directions, with a strong possibility of personal injury.  As an example, if you bump the PVC piping with a cart or any object, it will break. This is even more likely in colder climate areas.  We have also heard reports of PVC piping systems failing after a few years, due to a deterioration of the inside surface of the piping from the oils that are commonly within air lines that come from your air compressor.  There is a new type of plastic piping now being sold by TP Tools that has metal reinforcement built into the inside of the plastic to minimize danger of breakge under impact.  Call TP Tools for more information on this new product. 

Please feel free to call us for more information on this subject, or for help with designing a proper airline piping system in your shop.  We offer a Free Tech Line for our customer either before or after the sale and we answer our phones live!  Best time to call is from 10 AM to 6 PM weekdays Eastern Time.  Toll Free: 800-321-9260

These are described in TP Tools Catalog in detail at www.tptools.com

See below for a really professionally built cabinet that was made by one of our customers (Ken D, Westminster, MD).  Using Skat Blast Plans and components and ordinary plywood and some metal legs, Ken was able to build a cabinet that will serve him well for many years. The nice thing about using Skat Blast componets is that they are always available at TP Tools in Canfield, Ohio for immediate UPS shipment.  This means no down time.

Side view of Ken's Cabinet.  Notice that he used two door latches, which is always a good idea to keep the dust created in blasting where it belongs.  Floodlight was installed in the upper left hand corner - out of the way, but aiming at the work area in front of the gloves. Switch and duplex receptacle is on top left of cabinet and turns on the floodlight, and a vacuum can be plugged into the outlet.  Ken opted for a foot pedal operation and added a very useful accessory - a blow gun inside the cabinet to blow dust of the surface of small parts.  This is evidenced by the two air hoses entering the cabinet on right front (one to power gun and one to the blow gun).

Other then the legs, the entire cabinet was made of plywood.  The lens, lens trim and glove and glove flanges were purchased from TP Tools at moderate cost. Joints were neatly aligned and sanded to where they cannot be seen and the cabinet was painted with light gray enamel, close to the standard color used by Skat Blast.  If you look closely, you can see the inner lens protector, which is attached to the inside of the tempered glass lens. This protector is made of durable Mylar and can be changed as it gets scratched from blasting.  These are sold in convenient packages of three and are always in stock at TP Tools in Canfield, Ohio

Front View, showing Power Gun and Blow Gun.  Metal framework attaches to the wooden cabinet with either wood screws or bolts and nuts.  Notice electrical outlet with switch at top left, which can be used to turn on the  vacuum and light.  A very professional job and with Skat Blast plans and components, you can make this very same cabinet, using regular carpenter shop tools.  Not shown in this picture is a trap door at bottom of funnel, which is used for dumping used abrasive.  This is available at TP Tools and is spring-loaded to keep it closed.  Always remember to change abrasive on a regular basis, as blasting with worn out abrasive is one of the main reasons for poor visibility inside a cabinet, as well as not being cost effective, due to slow results.  Most any abrasive can be used in this cabinet.  See other section of this web site for a description and pictures of available abrasives that are in stock.

Side View - If we didn't know better, we would think this was one of our Skat Blast Cabinets!  It is identical in appearance to our cabinets, including Gloves, Lens, Floodlight and Work Area Sscreen.  As you blast, rust and paint are instantly removed and drop to the bottom of the funnel, along with abrasive. When foot pedal control is pressed, air passes through the power gun at about 80 PSI and pulls the abrasive from the bottom of the funnel and injects it into the air stream.  This powerful blast removes paint, rust and scale quickly and efficiently.  For small parts, we recommend the use of a  hand-held "Bolt Basket" that holds the parts so that they do not become lost.  This is not shown in this picture and if Ken doesn't have one of these, you can be sure that we will send one to him quickly. As you blast, the abrasive mix can be used over and over again until it turns to dust.  At that time it should be replaced.

Congratulations Ken on building one of the nicest cabinets that we have seen, although there are undoubtedly many other similar cabinets, as we have sold thousands of "Build Your Own Kits".  These kits are available in several types:

a) Trigger Operated Kit includes Trigger Gun, Pickup Tube, Siphon Hose and Air Inlet Hose, along with a clearly illustrated set of Instructions and Plans.  Extra Nozzles are included.

b) A Foot Pedal Operated Kit includes all of the above, except that a Foot Pedal Control is included, and gun does not have trigger.  This type of setup eliminates operator fatigue when pulling trigger for extended periods of time.  Extra Nozzles are included and long-wearing Ceramic or Tungsten Carbide Nozzles are available at extra cost.

c) Trim Kits are available in several sizes and include Gloves, Glove Flanges and Gaskets, Tempered Glass Lens, Inner and Outer Lens Protector, Lens Frame with Gaskets and Screws.  A Floodlight Assembly is included which includes a Duplex Outlet and Power Cord.

d) Cabinet Plans are included with all of the above kits, but are available separately at moderate cost and can be shipped via 1st class mail to U.S. and Canada.

See our Free Catalog for more details, or see
www.tptools.com and in the block at upper left-hand side of Home Page, enter Build Cabinets.






















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         About Us
                       Skat Blast, Inc. Offices and Plant in Canfield, Ohio

Skat Blast, Inc. has been manufacturing Abrasive Blasting Cabinets since the late 1970s, originally located in Youngstown, Ohio.  In 1982, Skat Blast moved to Canfield, Ohio, where they share the major portion of a beautiful 80,000 square foot brick facility located at the corner of US Route 224 and State Rt. 446.  Our plant is located just one mile west of the center of Canfield, on a 30-acre parcel of land, as pictured below.  In addition to manufacturing over 15 models of Blasting Cabinets, Skat Blast also manufacture several models of a very efficient paint spray system, called HVLP (High Volume-Low Pressure). 

Aerial View of Skat Blast, Inc. and TP Tools in Canfield, Ohio

HVLP paint spray systems are good for the environment and keep your shop clean, as overspray is reduced up to 80% and paint savings up to 50% are common. Think about this next time you pay over $500 for a gallon of paint.  While many other suppliers sell HVLP paint spray guns that require an air compressor to operate, the Skat Blast HVLP system is a self-contained unit and plugs into any 115 volt outlet, so no air compressor is required and you can paint anywhere. More information on this product line is shown on this site by clicking the link to left.

Products are made in 6 separate shops, starting with sheets of genuine USA steel.  Computerized equipment is used to cut the steel to various size and style cabinets. This steel is then built into cabinets on a daily basis.  Every aspect of the manufacturing process is done here, including research and design work.  We operate a complete machine shop, welding department, steel storage area, assembly areas, warehouse, paint booths and packaging departments.  In addition, we stock just about every single part ever required for any Skat Blast Cabinet made during the past 30 years.  When we say "Made in USA" we mean exactly that.

Skat Blast is a manufacturer and all sales are through the 3 distributors listed on our Home Page only. We have no other distributors. For customers in the U.S., we recommend TP Tools & Equipment. 
www.tptools.com  TP Tools shares our building in Canfield, Ohio, and has ready access to every possible unit and part for immediate shipment all over the U.S. and Canada.  They have several cabinets hooked up and running, so that you can see how the blasting process works.

Customers in Europe are serviced by Matthys Quality Equipment in Vichte, Belgium. Matthys Quality Equipment has been selling our products for over 15 years and carries every model in stock, along with all required replacement nozzles and parts. Matthys purchases full container loads of our equipment and is dedicated to our line. Japan customers are serviced by Sanken Tools in Tokyo, who also buys in container loads.  Sorry we do not have distributors in any other countries, nor are we looking for more distribution, feeling we want to do things right in our prime areas rather than being overextended.

If you are ever in northeast Ohio, we are not too far from the Ohio/Pa Turnpike and visitors are welcome.  We operate a very clean facility and our employees have been with us for many years, taking great pride in their work. Skat Blast is a member of the Better Business Bureau and we adhere to all of their high standards and beliefs.  If coming to our plant in Ohio, be sure to visit our Car Museum (www.tpcarcollection.com).  A modest collection of cars restored using a Skat Blast Cabinet and HVLP Paint Spray System are on display.  Museum is open Saturdays from 10 AM to 3 PM, but if coming from out of town, call ahead and we will be glad to show you the cars.

Contact Us: Technical or any other questions can be directed to info@tptools.com.  If requesting parts, abrasives or supplies, TP Tools can also be reached at 1-800-321-9260 (local line 330-533-3384). Their hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays and from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Saturdays.. When you call TP Tools, you are not required to listen to many choices or required to push buttons.  This is too frustrating for any of us and is not our way of doing business. Instead phones are answered by "live operators" and your questions will be directed to trained technicians for immediate help. 



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