Made in USA in Canfield, Ohio

If you are ever in northeast Ohio, we are not too far from the Ohio/Pa Turnpike and visitors are welcome.  Be sure to visit our Distributor's Showroom (TP Tools). Stop in for an up-close look of our Skat Blast Cabinets, HVLP Spray Paint Systems, and thousands of restoration tools and equipment. TP Tools showroom has an antique decor and is worth the trip. Skat Blast and TP Tools are a member of the Better Business Bureau and we adhere to all of their high standards and beliefs. Also, while at the TP Tools showroom, be sure to visit our Antique Car Museum (www.tpcarcollection.com).  A unique collection of cars restored using a Skat Blast Cabinet and HVLP Paint Spray System are on display.  Museum is open Saturdays from 10 AM to 3 PM, but if coming from out of town, call ahead and we will make arrangements for you to see the cars.

Directions to Skat Blast Inc.: We are located in eastern Ohio, midway between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH, just minutes off the Ohio/PA Turnpike. We're 1 mile west of the center of Canfield, on U.S. Route 224 at the corner of Rt. 446. If using a GPS or other mapping program, use 7077 State Route 446, Canfield, OH 44406, US as a destination point.

 HVLP paint spray systems are good for the environment and keep your shop clean, as overspray is reduced up to 80% and paint savings up to 50% are common. Think about this next time you pay over $200 for a gallon of paint.  While many other suppliers sell HVLP paint spray guns that require an air compressor to operate, the Skat Blast HVLP system is a self-contained unit and plugs into any 115 volt outlet, so no air compressor is required and you can paint anywhere.

Skat Blast Products are made in 6 separate shops in the above building, starting with sheets of genuine USA steel.  Computerized equipment is used to cut the steel to various size and style cabinets. This steel is then built into cabinets on a daily basis.  Every aspect of the manufacturing process is done here, including research and design work.  We operate a complete machine shop, welding department, steel storage area, assembly areas, warehouse, paint booths and packaging departments.  In addition, we stock just about every single part ever required for any Skat Blast Cabinet made during the past 30 years.  When we say "Made in USA" we mean exactly that.

Skat Blast Inc. Distributors:

United States & Canada: www.tptools.com  TP Tools & Equipment, 7075 State Route 446, Canfield, OH 44406. Exclusive U.S. Stocking Skat Blast distributor - Skat Blast Cabinets, Vacs, Dust Collectors, HVLP Paint Spray Systems, and replacement parts. Phone: 1-800-321-9260. Fax: 330-533-2876. Tech Line: 330-533-3384, Ext. 22.

Europe:  www.matthys.net  Matthys Quality Equipment bvba
Oudenaardestraat 108, B-8570, Vichte, Belgium. Tel. +32-(0)56-773100, Fax +32-(0)56-774500. Site Info: Nederlands, Deutsch, Francais, English. Stocking Distributor - Skat Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinets, HVLP Paint Spray Systems and replacement parts - 230 volts CE. Cabinets and all parts IN STOCK. Email Address: info@matthys.net

Japan:  www.sanken-co.jp   Sanken Co. Ltd., 3-1-1, Kadosawabashi, Ebina-city, Kanagawa, 243-0426 Japan. Tel +81-46237-3025 Fax : +81-46237-3026  Stocking Distributor - Most Skat Blast Cabinets and HVLP Paint Spray Systems, parts & supplies.
Puerto Rico: www.econotoolsinc.com  Econo Tools, 1131 Roosevelt Ave., Puerto Nuevo, PR 00920.  Phone: 787-783-8213.  Fax: 787-792-3922.  Has limited stock of Skat Blast Cabinets, HVLP Paint Spray Systems and parts. Econo Tools can order any Skat Blast Cabinet for you on request.  Email Address: caribbeantools@yahoo.com

Customers in Europe are serviced by Matthys Quality Equipment in Vichte, Belgium. Matthys Quality Equipment has been selling our products for over 25 years and carries every model in stock, along with all required replacement nozzles and parts. Matthys purchases full container loads of our equipment and is dedicated to our line. Japan customers are serviced by Sanken Tools in Tokyo, who also buys in container loads. 

About Us

Welcome to Skat Blast, Inc.

Skat Blast, Inc. has been manufacturing Abrasive Blasting Cabinets since the late 1970s, originally located in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1982, Skat Blast moved to Canfield, Ohio, where they share the major portion of a beautiful 100,000 square foot brick facility located at the corner of US Route 224 and State Rt. 446.  Our plant is located just one mile west of the center of Canfield, OH on a 30-acre parcel of land, as pictured right. In addition to manufacturing over 15 models of Blasting Cabinets, Skat Blast also manufactures a very efficient paint spray system, called HVLP (High Volume-Low Pressure).