Made in USA in Canfield, Ohio

Skat Blast Abrasives

We stock a variety of long-wearing abrasives, each formulated to obtain a desired finish. Generally, the higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. The finer the abrasive, the smoother the finish. Coarse-grit abrasives cut fast, but the finish isn't quite as smooth as with fine abrasives. Experiment with each to discover which works best for your application. Most Skat Blast Abrasives are "Made in USA" and are "virgin" material, which means they have not been processed or reused.

USA Distributor Tech Line - TP Tools, Canfield, OH - Ph. 330-533-3384, Ext. 22

Change abrasives on a regular basis, as visibility problems inside a closed cabinet will increase as the abrasive breaks down in consistency.  Once the abrasive breaks down to a consistency of a fine powder, the fine particles will pass through most vacuum bags or cartridges, resulting in failure of the vacuum or dust collector motor, and often blowing dust into your shop.  It is not economical to blast with worn out abrasive and doing so is one of the chief causes of vacuum motor failure.

When doing any blasting (outdoors or inside a closed cabinet) using sand is NOT an option that anyone should consider, due to extreme health hazard (silicosis).