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Soda Master™ Media - 50 lbs.

It's Simply More Productive than Other Soda Media!

Soda Master™ Media is environmentally friendly, 100% pure Sodium Bicarbonate (extra heavy-duty baking soda) manufactured specifically for soda blasting. It contains no flow additives, so it is far less dusty and far more productive than other media. Soda Master™ Media has a consistent 50-60 grit size, which permits positive flow, faster production, and better visibility. It won't harm, etch, or otherwise damage the surface being cleaned. It's safe on glass, chrome, rubber seals, bearings, splines, cylinders, etc. (Media is designed for enclosed cabinets using the Soda Master™ Attachment and outdoor blasters. Media cannot be recycled, as it breaks down to dust upon impact.) Made in USA

Soda Paint Test: Using the above media in the Soda Master™, a 6" x 6" area was cleaned in 2.3 minutes. Time based on removing a sealer coat, primer coat, and baked factory paint coat on a mid 1980's factory fender. Air used: 15-20 cfm @ 80 psi and a medium nozzle and air jet installed in the C-35 Power Gun.

TECH TIP: When using a Skat Blast Cabinet, a variety of dry abrasives can be used. Generally, the higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. The finer the abrasive, the smoother the finish. Coarse-grit abrasives cut fast, but the finish isn't as smooth as fine-grit abrasives.

Our Distributors stock a variety of long-wearing abrasives, each formulated to obtain a desired finish. Experiment with each to discover which works best for your application.

USA Distributor Tech Line - TP Tools, Canfield, OH - 330-533-3384, Ext. 22

NOTE - Abrasives are sold on a nonreturnable basis. No warranty is made as to satisfactory performance for any particular purpose. We suggest experimenting with each to determine which works best for individual applications.

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