Made in USA in Canfield, Ohio

Vacuum & Dust Collectors

To remove the dust created in cabinet blasting, Skat Blast manufactures a Vac-50 HEPA Vacuum for smaller cabinets and Dust Collectors for the larger cabinets. All run on 115 volts for easy hookup to your existing power supply.

Vacuums are recommended for light-duty use. The Vac-50 HEPA Vacuum is included with most of our smaller for those who plan on using their cabinet a few hours a week, and is specifically designed for removal of the dust created in blasting. The Vac-50 HEPA Vacuum with HEPA filtration provides greater suction (90-100 cfm) for increased visibility inside your cabinet during blasting, compared to other units on the market.

If using your Cabinet more than 1 or 2  hours daily, or for any type of commercial or industrial use, we recommend that you upgrade your cabinet to a HEPA Dust Collector. Dust Collectors have a larger 5" inlet hose to handle more volume of dust and motor is a commercial grade type that is not exposed to the dust, as it is above the filtering area below. Inside the dust collector are HEPA Filter Cartridges that resist clogging; most dust simply falls of the filters. Our HEPA Dust Collectors have a shaker lever on the rear of unit to manually shake down the filters. The dust then falls into a convenient bottom clean-out drawer for easy disposal.