Skat Blast® Quick Change Pickup Tube Assembly Kit

A great improvement for cabinets manufactured before 2004. Allows operator to easily remove and replace pickup tube assembly without having to remove grid work screen. Once installed, simply remove metal tube cover plate to gain access to pickup tube. Replace tube and reinstall tube cover plate.

Kit includes: New style pickup tube assembly, tube cover plate, suction hose, trim, screws and instructions. Requires cutting an approximate 4″ x 5-1/2″ slot in grid work screen around pickup. Made in USA.


Available for the following cabinets:

6442-27KIT – Includes 27-1/2″ long pickup tube assembly for 850 series, 950 series, 960 series, 970, 975, 976, 1400, 1800, 1836, and 1936 Cabinets (1500 Cabinets before 7/2000)

6442-28KIT – Includes two 27-1/2″ long pickup tube assemblies for 1600 Cabinets before 7/2000

6442-31KIT – Includes 31-1/2″ long pickup tube assembly for 979, 985, and 1536 Cabinets (1500 Cabinets after 7/2000)

6442-32KIT – Includes two 31-1/2″ long pickup tube assemblies for 1636 Cabinets (1600 Cabinets after 7/2000)