Replacement Skat Blast® Pickup Tube Assembly, 27-1/2"L

Provides a smooth, even flow of abrasive to the power gun.

The Pickup Tube is a critical component in a siphon blast system. Skat Blast®’s double-tube style allows air to enter top, pass through power zone, and pick up abrasive where it is carried to the gun. Due to gradual wear, pickup tubes must be replaced regularly. 5/8″ O.D. x 18 gauge. (To determine which pickup tube length you need, measure the longest tube.) Made in USA.

27-1/2″L, curved end. Fits Model SC-35V, SC-45V, SC-28, SC-28V, 850, 850-T, SC-34, 950, SC-40, 940-DLX, SC-46, SC-58, 960, 960-DLX, 960-T, 960-SE, 966, 970, 970-DLX, 976, 992, 1400, 1800, 1836, 1936, (1500 & 1600 before 7/2000) Skat Blast® Cabinets.

SKU: 6442-274