Skat Blast® Vacuum Motor & HEPA Filter Cartridge Kit

Fits Vac-55, 50, 45 & 40 Vacuums only.

Money-saving kit has everything to get your Vac-55, 50, 45 & 40 up and running again.

SKU: 6008-HPK


Includes powerful USA-made 115 volt vacuum motor with 8 ft cord and washable HEPA filter cartridge for higher dust filtration and improved visibility. Most vacuum motor failure is caused by a worn filter. If worn, abrasive will leak through the filter and into the bearings of the motor, causing premature motor failure. Therefore, ALWAYS change filter cartridge when installing a new vac motor.

#6008-00 Vacuum Motor – 5-3/4″ dia, 4-5/8″h.
#6011-HI HEPA Filter Cartridge – 7-1/4″ dia, 8-1/4″h.